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The Corona Low-Down...

Don't you think I would be the perfect person to tell you all the skinny on the Corona Virus? And wouldn't I know all the tricks on how to avoid it?? To tell you about what magic potion is out there to protect you. I am a doctor after all.

I have always been big on telling my patients the truth. I wouldn't do any less here. The truth is this is a NEW virus. Brand new. It acts differently than anything we have ever seen. The doctors are learning about it, along with everyone else. Like all viruses, antibiotics (all of which are made to treat bacteria) have no effect. A vaccine will be months in the making. Good news is that the LARGE majority of cases are mild to moderate. Healthy people can usually power through. Only a small percentage of people get incredibly sick. This virus seems to be way more contagious than others. Your BEST CHANCE to not get it, is to stay away from others. There is NO magic potion. Let me say that again. There is NO magic potion.

Even if you are young and healthy and aren't worried about getting sick......if you do get sick how many others near you will you effect? Others who may not be young and healthy who could have dire consequences. This virus will run its course, like the flu does, then resolve. It lives on because we keep passing it to one another. If we maintained the 6 foot separation that has been recommended over and over again, we could stop it in its tracks. I get it, living like that is a huge change from what we're used to. It's no fun being so restricted, but it's a short term sacrifice for a long term goal. We have to work together for one another.

In the meantime, do your best. Wash your hands often. Touch nothing especially not your face. Remember soap and water for 20 seconds works even better than hand sanitizer. And if you need soap....I know just the place you can get it!

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