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A New Soaping Room

I am very excited The last of my grown children is moving out of the house and I will be able to use her bedroom as my new soaping room. I spend all my free time thinking about it. My Amazon wish list has become immense. I never new you could spend so much time looking at shelving and tables. And just today I thought maybe I need new flooring.....I have a feeling this may take me a while to figure out.

Shelves like this would be a dream------my room looks nothing like this

However it turns out, it will be my own room whose only purpose will be to have fun and to be creative...all the while surrounded by a wonderful spa scent. I find my time soaping to be very relaxing and can easily spend an entire day or weekend doing it.

Until the room is done, I guess I will have to continue to work on the floorplan with a glass of wine and a bubble bath (with a bath truffle). Life is good.

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