Bath Oil

Bath Oil


I have seriously dry skin. Even with high dollar lotions and creams, in just a few hours my skin looks scaly and flaky and can get very itchy. Years ago I started using bath oil on my wet skin after the shower. It was a miracle! My skin stayed moist all day. Most often I would use baby oil, because it was cheap and .... as we've all been told, it was gentle enough for babies.

Then I looked into it more. Baby oil is nothing more than mineral oil and a scent. Sounds basic and safe. But did you realize mineral oil is produced from the distillation of petroleum? It's a by-product of gasoline production. Well that did it for me. I wanted a more natural plant based product to put on my skin.

So I made bath oil with sunflower oil. It's a light plant sourced oil, rich in nutrients and antioxidants and good for combatting inflammation and acne. I added jojoba oil which is healing, moisturizing and anti aging. It is said to be a good treatment for eczema and rosacea. Then finally vitamin E was added which is also anti-inflammatory and anti aging. It is present in many skin and cosmetic formulations because of its benefits.


    In addition I give 20% of all profit to Centro Latino, a local non profit that I have worked with for well over a decade that I love.  For more information on Centro Latino see


    If return desired, please call or email within 7 days.  Used products, unless defective, cannot be returned.   


    With a handmade product with minimal markup free shipping is not possible. You will be charged, only what I am charged. If you live nearby Newton, NC you can call or email to make arrangments to pick up in order to save shipping.


    Instructions for use: Spray 1-2 pumps into your hand and then spread over wet skin. Repeat until all desired portions of your body are covered. You just need a light coat. Dry off as usual. Enjoy the moisture all day.

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